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five reasons jasper wants bella to be a vampire (jasper/bella)

title. five reasons jasper wants bella to be a vampire.
fandom. twilight.
character/pairing. jasper/bella.
summary. And he knows that this is why he needs Edward to change her. Because he knows he won't make it through the funeral of the girl he secretly loves.
rating. PG.
author. britt.
disclaimer. I do not own, nor am I affiliated with, the Twilight series or Stephenie Meyer in any way, shape, or form.
a/n. This fic is all Kirstie's (sensations) fault. She started writing a "5" fic, which made me want to write one, too. :P I'm going to dedicate this to her & Tay (woven)! Try to enjoy. ♥

1. Jasper walks up behind Bella slowly as she dips her toes in the ice cold swimming pool. She sits there peacefully, a look of worry etched across her face. He can feel the way her chest constricts with fear of what's to come in these next few months. He eyes her wearily, debating whether he should sit down next to her or leave her to her thoughts. And then he thinks how much easier of a decision it would be if Edward would just give in and change her, so he wouldn't wish for death everytime he smells her blood.

2. As Edward pulls away from Bella, her cheeks flush red from the intensity of their kiss. When they lean in again, Jasper crushes a vase in his hand, causing them to both jump back in surprise. His eyes are narrow, and he can't clear his mind fast enough. If only he'd just change her, he growls interally. Then I wouldn't have to hear how her heart skips a beat evertime he comes within a foot of her. All he sees is Edward's furious expression before he flees the room.

3. Bella's shoulders slump over as another sob racks through her body. He knew Edward should have never left her and it made him feel even worse that he was the cause. Her shoulders shake and he has to look away, gasping for breath as her pain envelopes him. In this moment, Jasper would give anything for her to be a vampire just so he could wrap his arms around her without fear of killing her on the spot.

4. Alice waves goodbye to Bella as she links arms with Edward and Emmett. It's their turn to hunt this weekend and Jasper has promised Edward that he'd be the one to look after Bella. She flops onto the couch and Jasper watches her closely. Her lower lip comes out to form a pout and he bites back a smile. The urge to kiss her is overwhelming, but he holds back for now. He knows it will be the first thing he does after she's changed.

5. He watches Edward and Bella through the window, their hands gripping onto each other's as they whisper back and forth. He smiles wistfully at Bella, knowing she can't see him and that Edward isn't intruding on his private thoughts. His mind reels with thoughts of her, watching her age from 17 to 30 to 70. He sees himself at her funeral, sobbing tearlessly beside her grave. And he knows that this is why he needs Edward to change her. Because he knows he won't last through the funeral of the girl he secretly loves.


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